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Just about everyone loves Italian food. This is one of many reasons why people flock to Caragiulos. This Italian restaurant is run by Sarasota Locals who love the cuisine of Italy and want all their customers to enjoy it as much as they do. They offer many varied dishes that help showcase the incredible range of Italian cuisine. All who walk through their doors can be assured of a great meal. Attention to detail is key. With a family run and owned business, the emphasis here is the creation of a fantastic dining experience that makes everyone happy.

Top Rated Italian Food

This is the place to head for if you want an amazing meal from a top rated Sarasota restaurant. Both locals and those traveling here know to head here for lunch or dinner. Italian classics like chicken parmesan are freshly made each day. Diners can feast on a personal pan pizza or one of many types of pastas. For those with a lighter appetite, choose from healthy options with tomatoes or a simple and yet inviting salad. Find the perfect end to your meal with a selection of desserts that call the Italian countryside to mind with each bite.

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