Sarasota is full of Circus History


When visiting Sarasota, Florida, you’ll want to immerse yourself in the history and culture of the circus. The circus has been a large part of life in this area since before the 1940s. During the golden age of the circus, Barnum & Bailey, the Ringling Brothers, and other circuses dominated the town. The circus people moved and lived by tent ("The Circus By William Stringfellow"). Theirs was a moving city; their tents were their houses, and elephants were their horses. Like any city, the people varied. Bearded ladies and midgets lived side by side. Bears and lions made friends. Sword swallowers and fire eaters plied their trades.
From opening the winter quarters to give families a look at circus life in 1927 to the opening of the Circus Hall of Fame in 1956, Sarasota has been the backdrop for circus life (Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau, 2012). The Ring of Fame recognizes those that made the circus what it is today. Take part in this cultural phenomenon with a visit to these museums as well as taking a seat inside the circus itself.
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