Caragiulos- Superb Italian Cuisine In Downtown Sarasota

Caragiulos is a family restaurant located on prestigious Palm Avenue in downtown Sarasota, Florida. Palm Avenue is the arts and theater district in Sarasota. Tony knew when he stumbled upon Palm Avenue in 1989, that he had found the perfect location for his restaurant.

The most attractive feature about Caragiulos is the Italian tradition of treating every meal like a feast to be savored and celebrated with family and friends. Tony Caragiulo and his five sons have created a restaurant based on this fine Italian tradition and there is an insistence on serving high quality ingredients with great enthusiasm. The food is incredibly delicious because there is a dedication to quality and a respect for Italian traditions that is at the heart of every item on the menu.

The atmosphere at Caragiulos is warm and inviting. As soon as you step inside you will get the immediate sense that Italian hospitality begins with family. Either Tony or one of his sons will greet you, making you feel like you are a welcome guest in their home.

The incredible smells coming from the kitchen contribute to the dining experience; before you reach your table you will sense that you are in for a real treat. The menu for lunch includes such delights like Italian Wedding Zuppa, Panini, and traditional hearty Italian pasta with thick, rich sauces. The dinner menu includes such items as-calamari and zucchini fritti, linguine fra diavolo, and penne pasolini (a divine dish with chicken, sundried tomatoes, and a gorgonzola cream). One of the more popular lunch and dinner salads is the “Chopped 1989 Salad” with white beans, grilled chicken, Genoa salami, tomato, iceberg lettuce and pepperoncini served with a parmesan dressing. There is an excellent variety of fine wines and other spirits available at both lunch and dinner. Make sure you leave room for dessert, which is everyone’s favorite part of every meal. You can select from delectable delights such as vanilla bean panna cotta, chocolate espresso torte or the always delicious tiramisu.

Caragiulos has something for everyone, featuring superb Italian cuisine, fine wine and great atmosphere. It is the perfect restaurant for everything from date night, family gatherings or if you simply want to treat yourself to a great dining experience. One thing for sure, they will make you feel like you are family and welcomed in their home anytime. Caragiulos is Italian fare at its best.

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