Caragiulo Brothers Takes Sarasota By Storm

The boys from Brooklyn are at it again, and now own three excellent Sarasota restaurants that will knock your socks off. The Caragiulo brothers were once involved in their father’s successful New York bakery, but sought warmer weather to begin their own ventures in the restaurant industry, and certainly, they have achieved their goal.
Naturally, the brothers opened a successful Italian eatery named, Caragiulo’s and this white linen establishment offers traditional Italian cuisine and authentic wines from the region. It features an intimate ambiance, and an open kitchen, allowing patrons to see their dish being prepared. Genuine theater posters adorn the walls, and display the brother’s love of cinema.
Owen’s Fish Camp, is another exciting established owned by the Caragiulo family, and boasts authentic down-home seafood cuisine that takes into account Sarasota’s traditional roots. The professional wait staff serves up their great menu offerings, while making sure that every guest has a great experience while they dine. Do not forget to try out some of their fabulous jams, and you will want to take a jar home with you, as well.
Their latest venture is Nancy’s BBQ, which serves up the most tender and delicious pulled pork sandwiches in the south. The ribs and brisket are slowly smoked to perfection, and are a favorite of locals. Home made smoked tomato salsa perfectly accents several of the dishes, and you cannot go wrong by dining at Nancy’s.
The Caragiulo brothers certainly seem to have things under control, and are making an excellent reputation for themselves amongst the restaurant industry in Sarasota. Give one of their three eateries a try soon, and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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