Sarasota, FL, can be a place of epic wonder and exquisite fine-dining experiences. Main Street, in particular, is a cornucopia of attractions and establishments ripe for high-traffic patronage. Nestled in the heart of Main Street is Caragiulos, a bustling Italian restaurant that specializes in only the finest of savory dishes.

As the premiere Sarasota restaurant, Caragiulos employs a quick-footed, professional troop of front-of-the-house staff to provide the most memorable fine-dining experience ever. Italian food is taken to a whole new level at Caragiulos, which puts modern twists on classic Italian recipes. Lunch and dinner tend to become a noisy, busy affair at Caragiulos, where the influx of foot and word-of-mouth traffic keeps the thriving establishment in business.

Fresh baked breads and homemade cheeses are only two of the unique attractions that make Caragiulos such a wonder of Florida. The chefs painstaking attention to authenticity is apparent in every dish presented, making it no wonder that the restaurant is among the top culinary stations in the country. Palm Ave has long since become a staple in the Sarasota dining experience, all thanks to this mammoth restaurant. Caragiulos makes for a thoroughly enjoyable lunch or dinner, for hungry guests of all ages.

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