Caragiulos: Sweet Italian Holiday Delights
There are many terrific things about the holiday season every year. Mouthwatering dessert is just one example of the many joys of the holidays. If you want to give your holiday desserts this year a little bit of authentic Italian flair, then you may want to order them straight from us. Our Sarasota, Florida Italian-American dining establishment Caragiulos is ideal for people who want to taste genuine Italian treats that are sure to delight everyone in the family, zero exceptions.

Although our lunch and dinner menus are chock-full of hearty, filling and absolutely incredible Italian-American dishes, our dessert options are just as impressive, excitingly enough. Since taking care of dessert on your own can be a tough and time-consuming task, it can help to leave the hard work to us. The holiday season is already busy and hectic enough.

Some examples of the sweet and delectable Italian delights we have available for you on our menu are crispy zeppoli fritters (essentially Italian doughnuts), tiny chocolate chip cannolis, Nutella cheesecake, tiramisu, spumoni and homemade gelato. Whether you’re in the mood to dine on something creamy like tiramisu or something cold like gelato, the dessert choices here at Caragiulos are perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

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